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that will effect the deficit. i will bring down the deductions and taxes at the same time so the revenue stays in. >> cenk: yeah, yeah, that sounds good. you're going to do a 20% tax cut across the board. then a 2 trillion-dollar increase in the defense budget. then you're going to keep most of the popular deductions. and then you're going to balance the budget. and then you're going to give everybody a free unicorn! that's not how it works mitt! you're lying! there is no 5 trillion-dollar in deductions that you take away from just the rich. that's preposterous. and i'm not going to let you get away with it. one wonders how long i will keep this 2 x 4 that is actually not a 2 x 4 on my shoulder, but we move forward. he says, well, before i go on to the next clip, did you know that 50% of mitt romney's benefits in his tax cuts go to the top 5%. mitt, that's who you're for. you're for the top 5%. you give them half of the tax cuts and they're 5 trillion-dollar, you're going to give $2.5 trillion to the top 5%. that's what is going on. all right before i break it. okay now let's go to the $716 bill
tax cuts it would add a trillion dollars to our deficit. why? mcmitt romney is looking out for the rich speaking of which, how about the iraq war? mitt romney was in favor of it, the entire republican party. how much did that cost? is this estimates have it as high as $5 trillion. and you're talking to me about big bird? you're talking to me about big bird? $22 million you want to cut and your dumb ass war cost $5 trillion. your tax cuts for sheldon adelson cost $2 billion. i'm not having the conversation about big bird and cutting down his nest until we talk to the other guys first. on the essence of that, the obama campaign is right. >> when we come back, the republicans are so loathesome they've now got a lobby to make sure that we are not protected from cancer. >> we have 15 homes in this area and maybe 11 people have died or more with cancer. >> the koch brothers are killing me and my family. >> and how are they buying politicians to do it? you'll find out in the next segment. and then, the romney girls. they found women in favor of romney. >> the guy i'm voting for is
loopholes primarily to the high end people. we have three bottom lines. don't raise the deficit. don't raise taxes on the middle class and don't raise the share born by the high-income earnings earnings. >> cenk: how do you respond. >> this is the bush administration all over again the doubling down on the trickle-down economics of the bush administration that we know doesn't work. let's move forward with a responsible budget like one that does not kill medicare like congressman ryan has offered. let's move forward with a progressive budget that calls for tax cuts. let's not have irresponsible programs that just benefit big pharma like you voted for congressman. these are policies that we can't afford. we need to find someone in congress who will fight for the people and not corporations. >> cenk: let me follow up on that. with you cut defense spending, and would you consider cuts to social security or medicare as part of the grand bargain? >> i support a strong national defense but not a bloated defense department. there are savings we can find there. i would never support cuts to any of t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)